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Take advantage of our hydroseeding services in Kingston, NY

Planting grass in very large areas or awkward slopes can be challenging and time-consuming with conventional methods. With hydroseeding services from Dewitt Mills Landscaping, you could start to see natural growth in as little as 14 days. We work with homeowners in Kingston, NY and surrounding areas.

The hydroseeding process consists of a "slurry" spray to control erosion and give you a thick beautiful lawn. Our "slurry" includes fertilizer, grass seed, dye and a mulch created with wood and paper.

Our crew uses advanced equipment from Finn and 100% wood hydroseed mixtures from Profile Products. These are trusted names you can count on for a quality finished lawn.

Call today to learn more about the process for our hydroseeding services.

Why should we consider Hydroseeding?

At Dewitt Mills Landscaping, we know you have options when it comes to seeding your lawn. Hydroseeding is the method we stand behind, simply because it works. Some advantages of Hydroseeding are:

Easy application and maintenance.
Enhanced seed protection.
Adds nutrients to the soil.
Very customizable.
Acts as erosion control.
Great for high traffic areas like golf courses and playgrounds.

Our hydroseeding services are perfect for commercial and residential areas. Speak with us today to get a free estimate.

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