Why Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the easy solution for combating soil erosion for your property. It's economical for areas where laying turf or sod presents difficulties and being able to spray the hydroseed slurry allows for fast application. Hydroseeding offers excellent protection for storm drains and sediment retention. It's the ideal option for helping with dust control around sand and roads for soil stabilization.


How long does hydroseeding take to see results?

Once the mixture has been sprayed, you can expect to see growth within seven days!


What grass should I get for my residential home?

One of the most popular grasses for the average homeowner is Kentucky Bluegrass and grows great under a variety of conditions - which makes it perfect for New York lawns. Dewitt Mills Landscaping offers different varieties of grass depending on customer preference and time of season.

Tall Fescue is also another popular option for most residential homeowners, with many benefits including low maintenance and a reduced amount of fertilizer needed.

If you're still not certain, Dewitt Mills Landscaping will be there with you every step of the way to help figure the best options to help your lawn thrive.


How will I know which seeds to choose?

Based on your geographic location and other factors for your land, Dewitt Mills Landscaping can provide exceptional seeding recommendations that are suited for your property's specific needs.


Does hydroseeding need watering?

Watering will need to occur every day for the first week to allow the germination process to begin. Upon servicing your land, Dewitt Mills Landscaping will provide you with a detailed set of instructions for your appropriate watering schedule.